Motor Home Insurance in Arkansas

Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. is happy to help you and your loved ones find the right coverage for your motorhome. We are happy to provide comprehensive motorhome insurance to help cover you while you're on the road. Motorhomes are more than an accessory, for many people they are a home or a way of life. Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. gives some of the best RV and motorhome insurance policies in Van Buren, AR. Be sure to ask us today about how we can help cover you and your expenses while you are on the road and staying in the motorhome.

The Importance of a Motorhome Policy.

Arkansas is known as the natural state, and it has plenty of opportunities for people to enjoy the motorhome lifestyle. While you're exploring the great outdoors in your motorhome, let yourself have peace of mind by providing yourself with some of the best motorhome insurance available. Protect your investment and be assured in any circumstance that your motorhome and other drivers will be safe. In Arkansas, there is a minimum requirement for motorhomes that are being driven rather than towed behind. The minimum liability that motorhome owners are required to carry for personal injury is $25,000 per injury. For accidents, the minimum coverage to carry is $50,000 per accident. The minimum coverage for property damage is $20,000 per property damage.

Standard Insurance Coverage

Motorhome insurance covers liability coverage, which is when an accident happens, the insurance policy covers the damage to the other person or vehicle. Collision coverage helps to cover the cost in case you get in an accident, and there are damages to the motorhome. Comprehensive coverage covers damage to the motorhome and helps pay for the motorhome in case of an accident.

Other Insurance Options

Other options to add to the motorhome coverage includes campsite insurance, which helps protect the motorhome when it is stationary or at a campground. Full-timers coverage is ideal for people who use the motorhome as a full-time residence and want to protect it.

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