Find a Commercial Policy for your Arkansas Business

If you are operating or planning to set up a business in Arkansas, you should consider acquiring commercial insurance. Commercial insurance covers your business against various risks that could affect the operations. It takes care of the financial damages from insured risks such as accidents and lawsuits. At Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. in Van Buren, AR, we write commercial insurance for businesses around the state of Arkansas.

Here are some of our coverage options:

General liability insurance

General liability insurance protects the business in case of claims or lawsuits. After a major lawsuit, this policy could be the difference between staying afloat and going under. A liability insurance policy takes care of the due damages and the litigation fees. This will allow you to continue running the business smoothly.

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance covers your company's assets from various risks such as accidents, theft, and natural calamities. This coverage option takes care of the repair or the replacement of the assets up to the limit of the policy. It ensures the business returns to normal operation as soon as possible.

Commercial auto insurance

Commercial insurance covers work vehicles against theft, accidents, or damages. But, this coverage option includes only the vehicles used by the business and not your personal vehicles.

Workers compensation

A worker may sustain serious injuries while in the line of duty. In worse cases, they could be incapacitated. This policy will cover the lost income and medical bills. It is also required by law in most cases.

Why Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. in Van Buren, AR?

When it comes to insurance, business owners want their business covered, not having to deal with various claims and settling a fair price. Our coverage options are designed to cover all the insurance needs of Arkansas businesses. At Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc., we have a team of reputable agents that will advise you on the best policy for your business.

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