Classic Car Insurance in Arkansas

Getting insurance for your classic car is without question one of the most important things you can do to protect it. As time goes on, the value of the vehicle increases steadily. You want to make sure you can protect your asset with the right insurance. Fortunately, we, at Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. in Van Buren, AR, have you covered when it comes to protecting your classic. However, Arkansas has specific insurance laws that you need to know about before considering a plan. Here are 2 of the various policies that we cover at our insurance agency that could suit your needs.

Liability Insurance

Arkansas states that your insurance policy must include liability insurance. This ensures that any costs associated with property damage, injury, or more are covered by your plan. Though some other states require you to have comprehensive policies, Arkansas is unique in that liability is all that is needed to keep up with state regulations.

Full Coverage

Though the state only requires you to have liability, you may want to consider having full coverage for your classic vehicle. In the event of an accident, full coverage provides an extra amount of coverage in accidents that involve other vehicles and non-collision related incidents. With the parts associated with classic cars becoming scarcer, you will want a plan that can consolidate any items your vehicle will need for proper repair from the experts themselves.

When it comes to the car insurance industry, Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. in Van Buren, AR provides the best customer service out there in the market. We pride ourselves on helping our local friends in Arkansas receive the classic car insurance that they need. Ask our agents to help you decide on what kind of insurance you need. Give us a call today if you need assistance in getting yourself set up with an insurance plan. Our professional staff is ready to assist you with all your classic car insurance needs.

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