Auto and Home Insurance

Auto Insurance for Arkansas Drivers

Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. provides quality auto insurance for individuals and families living in Van Buren, AR and around the state. Whether you're a new client, or you have an existing policy with us, we will be happy to connect you with quality coverage that gives you everything you need. We are located in Arkansas, and we love providing quality insurance coverage to the community. Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. has served the Van Buren, AR area for years, and now we are upgrading our services to include auto coverage at reliable rates.

Insurance Requirements in Arkansas

In Arkansas, it is required for drivers to have auto insurance. Are you covered? There are also minimum insurance coverage requirements that you must meet. In Arkansas, the minimum insurance requirement is $25,000/$50,000/$25,000. In the event of an accident that is covered, the limit for bodily injury for one person is $25,000, and for the whole incident and each person involved, the limit is $50,000. This type of coverage also will cover damage to another person's property. Liability coverage also protects you legally, with an attorney assigned to you in case of a lawsuit. These insurance minimums are just the basics, and there are additional supports that can be added to protect you.

Other Types of Insurance

One additional type of insurance coverage that you can add is comprehensive insurance. This includes damage not caused by a collision. Examples are weather conditions, animals, fire, theft, vandalism, or glass that breaks. Comprehensive insurance helps you to cover all your needs, in whatever situation. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you in the event you get in an accident, and the other driver does not have insurance.

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Insurance for Arkansas Homeowners

It takes time, commitment, and finances to own a home. A home is pricey and it's only right to protect it from the uncertainties of life. A home insurance policy will keep you at peace knowing the home of your family is protected. At Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc., we are a reputable independent insurance agency in Van Buren, AR who help Arkansas resident get home insurance. A basic home insurance policy has the following coverage options:

  • House and other structure coverage – This coverage meets the cost of repairing or rebuilding your house and other structures in your compound if they are damaged by fire, hail, lightning, or other disasters in your coverage. It’s important to note that it does not offer coverage against damage caused by flood or earthquakes.
  • Personal belongings coverage – clothes, furniture, and other personal items can be expensive to replace if they are damaged or stolen. This coverage reimburses you if your possessions are stolen or damaged. If you own expensive items like furs, art, jewelry, and collectibles, make sure they are included when you are purchasing your policy
  • Liability coverage – this coverage protects you against claims arising from bodily injury or property damage belonging to guests while they are at your premises. It pays for the property damaged, medical bills for injuries, compensation for pain and suffering and lost wages. If you are sued, It will meet the lawsuit expenses
  • Additional living expenses – while many repairs can be done while you are still living in your house, severe damage can require you and your family to move out for repairs to be done. This coverage pays for the cost you incur living away from home as your house is being repaired.

The coverages can be tailored to meet your needs. When purchasing your policy, make sure you understand what is covered and what is exempted. We, at Matthew Yancey Insurance & Real Estate, Inc. in Van Buren, AR, can help you protect your Arkansas home. Visit, call or use our online tool to get a home insurance quote.